Friday, July 16, 2010


Today I got up extra early (at about 6am) before the kids were up and headed to work. I got a lot done. I usually head over around 9am after breakfast, but my hubby offered to watch the kids and let me go early :)

I worked on my secret project and cast several of the pieces involved with it (sorry, no spoilers *grins*). I promise it will be worth the wait. Something totally different than my other projects, though still doll related.

I hope to have it done and ready for opening sales by DragonCon in Georgia this September, so I am working hard on it and also on several wing orders.

Speaking of wings, I plan to have several sets for sale at my table in the Artist's Alley at the con in addition to other fun things, so please stop by and check out my wares if you plan on being there.

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