Thursday, July 15, 2010


Well, I am just about the head in to the workshop.
I found the perfect place about two months ago to create and cast my dolls at. It is about 1500sqft and has two offices, a large warehouse room, two bathrooms, and a loft *Yay for space!* I can finally stretch out and get some serious things done... but have fun at the same time of course. I was doing everything in my little condo up to that point and with three little children, that wasn't ideal at all. This is much better :)

I am thinking about getting a bunch of tables and chairs and having a doll meet up there sometime. If I do decide to do that I will announce it here.

Anyway, off to work on my secret project *evil laugh* Betcha can't wait to see what it is. Something totally unexpected and unique I can assure you.

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Pearwood Designs said...

Yay for space to get things done!